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As human beings we earn the right to be respected, but dignity and comfort is something we expect particularly as we age.

Special Care Clothing Solutions was created to find solutions for people with limited mobility and/or disability, to make dressing easier and provide dignity and comfort to the wearer.

Over the past 12 years in business I have heard many stories about the pain people are in when being dressed, particularly in Nursing homes, trying to get into standard clothing, it could almost be considered as Abuse.   

On the other hand I have had calls from people in wheelchairs, who have lost their independence as they are unable to go out, because of unsuitable clothing to enable them to toilet with dignity.     

Finding solutions and designs to suit peoples needs is personally very rewarding, and knowing that I have designed a product that brings pain free dressing and independence back to the wearer, is a true blessing.  View video below.

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