Closure Designs

Ladies Blouses / Dresses with Collars / Mens Polo Shirts & Dress Shirts

Each of the items above have a wide
lap-over back and secure with a small
nylon stud on the shoulder and at the collar providing a neat and comfortable finish.      

Collarless Clothing

All designs without a collar have the wide
lap-over back and secure at the shoulder
with a small nylon stud.   Designed to 
ensure there is no pressure placed on the skin.

Trousers and Shorts

These garments open and secure at the
waist band with small nylon studs on both
sides.   They have a concealed pocket in
each side.


Open back trousers and shorts

The back of the trouser leg stops at the
buttocks and the back overlaps for ease of changing when hoisting is
required.  Lap-over is long length to provide dignity for the wearer.